Prestige equals to Lexus

Dear Japanese automobiles' fans! We are glad to hail you on our website devoted to Lexus  brand name automobiles.

You will find the most detailed information on the history of the trademark that became synonymous to luxury, prestige, and high technologies triumph on the pages of our internal resource.

It has taken only twenty years for Lexus created as Toyota Company's luxury cars brand to become an integral part of the automobiles' history.

This site offers you only screened facts on every model made by the Japanese company. Here you can learn about the company's and each ever produced model's history, about the automobiles' particular features and their technical peculiarities. However we decided not to confine the information to technical help only and that is why we have a series of articles devoted to the owners' opinions.

As soon as there are Lexus Company's new concept or production models introduced or any information that has to do with Lexus available our resource will be updated. This is our job to gather every fact about Lexus brand development and to let it be known to you.

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