Concept Cars: Lexus LF-A
The first concept car produced by the Japanese company was called LF-A. It was introduced to the general public in 2005. The beginning of 2007 was marked by the introduction of a new and also concept for now automobile version.

Concept Cars: Lexus LF-C
Concept car Lexus LF-C introduced in 2004 is a rear-wheel drive coupe with rigid folding top that can be fixed in four different positions therefore transforming the automobile from a coupe to a cabriolet, a targa or a speedster.

Concept Cars: Lexus LF-Sh
This concept car's appearance reminds of Lexus IS and Lexus GS of the last generations. What is more, one can notice some features taken from the closest competitors such as BMW 7-series and Mercedes-Benz S-class.

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