Lexus GX: The History of the Model
In 2003 a new Japanese brand off-roader Lexus GX470 made its debut. It perfectly combines truly off-road vehicle's qualities with the highest comfort level.

Lexus GX: The Design
If judging only by the size of the model Lexus GX470 is a medium-sized jeep just like Mitsubishi Pajero or Toyota Land Cruiser Prado.

Lexus GX: Technical Part
Lexus GX470 power plant was 'borrowed' from Toyota Land Cruiser 100. It is a really powerful (especially for a middle-sized off-roader) 4.7-liter V8 gasoline powered engine.

Lexus GX: Owner Review
Lexus GX470, 2005 model year. I've been riding on it for already three months and so far did some 8000 km. It is a very good automobile on the whole. I compared my Lexus with a new Mercedes-Benz ML.

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