Lexus RX: The History of the Model
Lexus RX 300 model made its debut in 1999. Compact off-roader was based on Toyota Camry.

Lexus RX: The Design
The off-roader Lexus RX was for a long time the company's bestseller. Navigation system, view aft camera, DVD system for the rear seats passengers and what's not join the option list.

Lexus RX: Technical Part
If to compare today's Lexus RX with the one of the pervious generation one can notice that the predecessor was kind of slow at speed changing and besides its gas pedal reacted with a delay however new Lexus RX is free of these flaws.

Lexus RX: Owner Review
I used to ride on Mercedes-Benz 124, Daewoo Leganza, and Opel Omega before buying Lexus RX (2000 model year). Now it's been half a year since I bought it and therefore I can judge impartially. 

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