Lexus SC: The History of the Model
Seven years after the model made its debut it was restyled. Since that time Lexus SC300 was being provided with a 3.0-liter 6-cylinder 24-valve in-line power plant with electronic fuel-injection system.

Lexus SC: The Design
Lexus SC430 designers initially strove to create perfect sporty coupe-cabriolet. It's up to everyone to decide whether their vision is fair however we believe that this cabriolet is one of the best creations of the Japanese company although it's impossible to attain the peak of perfection.

Lexus SC: Technical Part
There has already been said a lot about Lexus SC430 advantages therefore doing the same as Japanese coupe-cabriolet's admirers we should not forget to add the fly to the ointment. However on the other hand this 'fly' can happen not to spoil the ointment, but to add a special flavor to it.

Lexus SC: Owner Review
I bought Lexus SC400 (1999 model year) by chance actually, was thinking of buying Mazda 3, Toyota Avensis, or Skoda Octavia in the service center.

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